25 Jan 2013

Hexacrown's Unspoken Poetry: A Zealous Gypsy

Unspoken Poetry
A Zealous Gypsy

Thy art beautiful in form
The sadness of a wail shall never slay thy voice
The melody of branches’ tears cling on thine eyes
Thy steps carry thou to bed of roses that thou never learn before

Go forth! Move forward!
Jump and flutter away from this land of thine
Run and chase the stars in the sky
Sing the song of thy lullaby

Every wonder that thou build keep thee from solitary
Covetous eyes cannot tear thee down
Grin in thy face awe the society
Your might scare malicious fiends

What soul do thou have?
Why did thy perfection cause me calm?
Wonders keep lingering around me
Reflecting thine wizardry

But thy steps shall never becalmed
Until the last day it will come
Thy shall reach for the sky
As the wind blowing time

Posted By: Unknown

Hexacrown's Unspoken Poetry: A Zealous Gypsy


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