30 Des 2012

Unspoken Diary: ???

Unspoken Diary

I was in the middle of somewhere with so many people walking down the street. They seemed to be very busy though, I didn’t know any of them. I looked up at the sky and saw so many planes, hot air balloons, zeppelins, and many other things that you wouldn’t understand. When someone called “Friend” came to me and asked me if I want to go around. “Well, sure,” answered me. There were so many vendors with strange things they sold, one thing that I remember, they sold monkey head’s robot, or something like that.
     We entered a building, and went to the top of it. And when we arrived, a “Friend” suddenly opened a door to a balcony. The sun shone so bright that I had to flicker. It was a very tall building; the tallest building that I’ve ever seen, we may say. I already forgot how to get there, but it was fun for sure. There, I could see planes more clearly and also another building in front.
     We began to walk on a bridge, a very strange bridge, to go to another building that I told you earlier. The floor of the bridge is made with glass. Therefore, we could see anything under of it. And I told you it was a very tall building, wasn’t I?! And there were no handhold at all! Well, we just had to be careful, didn’t we?
So I stepped forward little by little. And I realized it was only about one meter away from the second building. So I kept focused and moved forward. But suddenly I stepped with nothing below me! Holy crap! How could this happen? I knew that I stepped on a right place! I fell down from that building and when I realized, I was in my bed with the same blue ceiling and all the books in my bookcase.
... ... ... ... What the heck?

*I am living in a non-native English Country. English is my second language. My apologies for any grammatical, semantic, or logical errors which I got wrong.

20 Des 2012

Unspoken Diary: A Bird that Won't Fly


Unspoken Diary
“A Bird that Won’t Fly”

                It smiled. It laughed. It danced with elegancy. It sang a very pure melody. A cheerful female bird, they said. She would not care about other things around her. She just played and dreamed every day. But why, there was an impurity around her? When she noticed, she was not in the world like she had thought.
       Her smile suddenly disappeared. Her laugh turned into tears. She was in a cage, a very big and cold cage especially made for her so no one could see her inside the cage. Alone and scared. She tried to find a way out, but the only thing that she found was a dead end. She could see other birds out there; fly with freedom on their wings. But what about her? She just a disabled bird now. She does not sing anymore. She can only stare at the sky, full of hopes and tears.
       Why? Oh, Why, graceful bird, you don’t sing anymore? Even when somebody has already succeeded to open the cage, you don’t fly anymore? She also wonders why she can’t fly anymore. Scared by the emptiness of this cruel world, the trauma that was once in her deepest heart, have made too many scars and wounds. They said wounds heal, but what about the scars?
       She will learn. She will fight. She will try not to get scared of high anymore. One day. She believes that one day she will learn how to fly and taste the sky again. Freedom.

*I am living in a non-native English Country. English is my second language. My apologies for any grammatical, semantic, or logical errors which I got wrong.
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